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Thursday, March 10, 2005

So I'll start with....

I decided to start with interviews from other bloggers and go from there. What a fun game!

These questions are from Umm Zaid at She's a poet, activist and mom who suffers through winters in Boston now, where she arrived last year by way of the Bronx. She's a long-time friend of mine and a long-time blogger.

1. Why did you choose now to start blogging?

I keep a journal, in which I've written that I don't blog because it seems useless and pathetic...just throwing words into cyberspace . I also harbor a latent fear of the whole internet crashing one day (or at least my blog) and it all vanishing into thin air. But I noticed that people like you, UZ, had blogs with themes, and I've been toying with the idea of starting one for a long time now. When my dh started one for his restaurant ( I took the leap. I chose this theme because this is what I always wish i could express to people everywhere. That Islam and Muslims are not what you see on TV.

2. Do you still do doula work? If not, why did you stop? What was the best part of doula-ing?

I don't do doula work anymore. The biggest reason is because my family was not ready for 24 hour stints on their own. It put a real strain on my marriage and the family's schedule. Also, though, an old friend told me, "This midwifery thing is a good thing to do, but it only reaches one woman or family at a time. You write well, why don't you concentrate on that? You shouldn't waste that ability."
Plus also (I've been reading too many Junie B. Jones books with the kids!), lay midwifery is illegal in my state, so it was sort of preparing myself what? KWIM?
The best part was learning so much about the birthing process and seeing so many miracles. Birth really is a miracle every time. And translating was fun. And helping the women shape their memories.
You didn't ask but the worst part was convincing ppl they needed a doula. It was so new then no one knew what it was and thought it was fluff. I did a lot of work for free. Which is why dh didn't have much patience for those marathon births.

3. What has been the best part of Cafe Rumi? The hardest part?

Best is it makes dh happy. He's always wanted to do this. And he's really good at it, masha'Allah. Worst is....the long hours he has to put in. And adjusting to seasonal income, b/c they really do a lot more business in the summer months than when it's cold.

4. Of all the roles you play in life (mother, teacher, wife, etc), what is the most rewarding for you?

After motherhood (for which the reward is counterbalanced by the great responsibility) it is definately speaking about Islam. I live for it. I have a gig coming up for the MSA at Central Missouri State University and I can't wait!

5. If I could travel anywhere.... because ....

Canada, to see Caroline!


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