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Thursday, March 10, 2005

And then...

OK, so now that I'm blogging I feel this weight of responsibility to write things with meaning and purpose. Things that will be found interesting and will educate people. Except I can't decide what they are. I wrote three different posts yesterday and trashed them all.

Maybe blogging is not for perfectionists.


Blogger b. said...


Instead of trashing your posts, why don't you save them as a "draft" -- that way, if you decide it's worth posting, you can go back in there, edit it, and then post it.

Most blogs go through an evolution, so allow yours to do the same. You may find, later down the road, that your mission has clarified itself. Meanwhile, write what you want to write and don't worry so much about perfection. The responses you get from readers is part of the process of figuring out the direction you want to take.

Thu Mar 10, 10:00:00 AM CST  

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