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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Answers to Izzy Mo's Questions

OK, I checked Izzy Mo's blog this morning and she did indeed answer UZ's questions. So here are my answers to her questions!


1) Sister on a mission, what are plans for your new blog? (Congratulations on your new blog and your article getting published in Azizah Magazine).

Thanks!! (BTW I know I owe you a book review, too! I'm on it, really I am.) My blog is evolving. Into what, I'm not sure yet. My original idea was to make it a place where I can write out all those things I scream at my radio when NPR plays a clip of our esteemed president (minus the cuss-words). I don't know if that's what it will end up being or not. I'd like it to be a place where non-Muslims can stop by and go, "Hey, that makes sense. Those Mozlems aren't as out there as I thought they were."

2) As far as for sifting through the “war on terror” propaganda, how are you going to address the lies about our foreign policy in America?

Like any other salmon trying to swim up Niagra Falls - one lie at a time. But notice there's nothing on my blog yet about that stuff...b/c I'm still sifting and seeing what I want to address first. You can't just jump in the middle and start talking about things....or can you?

3) Are you a writer or editor of any hometown publications or newspapers?

I'm the copy editor and a contributor to the new KC newsletter (I'm not even sure what they're calling it, lol) that is being published by a sister and her dh. They're aiming for an audience of Muslims and non-Muslims in the local area. I have also published the school newsletter for several years. I do the articles, the layout, the formatting, the printing and the distributing. It's really a small-time thing and no one reads it.

4) What does “Islamic activism” mean to you?

Hmmm. Being pro-active in getting our voice out there in as many modes as possible. Sometimes that means organizing poetry readings, sometimes it means writing to the Mayor of London to thank him for his non-Islamophobic stances, sometimes it means talking to church or university groups. Just always, always be "on", talking about Islam at every opportunity.

5) Do you think that writing is the best way to combat the menace of Islamophobia or are there other effective means?

See above. Although I'd love to get an article published in a mainstream mag. I'm thinking of sending query letters to Redbook, Ladies' Home Journal, things of that ilk. To reach a lot of non-Muslims.

The thing is, Westerners have such a big blind spot they don't even notice it's there. You can't even talk to people unless they understand that they don't understand. Many people do but many others don't. :-(

Back to the frustration zone....

You know, I was once in a halaqah w/Sh. Mohammad Hilali. He was talking about the tafsir of Surat al Baqarah. He was saying how we humans would have looked at the situation of Bani Israel in Egypt and immediately said, "Let's go rescue them today" and done something immediate. They were in TROUBLE, after all. But that Allah did it slowly. He had a prophet be born and waited for him to grow up, and really set the scene and the circumstances. Then it all came together in His time. So I always try to remember that, suphan Allah.


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Salams, I just came across your blog, I like it - look fwd to reading it in the future. Masalam.

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